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This is a project to investigate the commonalties and differences in two African-Diasporic communities on the island of Jamaica and in the United States. In this project middle school students will recover and preserve the history associated with the rural community of Nonsuch in Portland, on the island of Jamaica, and the urban community of San Juan Hills in Manhattan, New York. The students of the Nonsuch School in Jamaica and the Kipp:Starr Charter school in Manhattan will then make compelling works of art from the history recovered and hold an exhibition in their respective communities and countries and there will be travel between both countries of students, teachers, community members and museum professionals.

This is a project funded by the United States State Department and administered by the American Association of Museums, through their Museums Connect program. Project partners include The Caribbean Cultural Center African Diasporic Institute in Manhattan; National Museum Jamaica; and the African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica.

The Jamaican coordinator of the project is Mrs. Venice Chin-See Parchment and Jacqueline Bishop is the US Project Coordinator. Ms. Chante Simpson is our social media coordinator, and will be the person conducting interviews, and writing updates on the project.

We encourage you to make this interesting and informative journey with us, by following this blog, spreading the word and joining the discussion by writing to us, and  liking and following our Facebook page at

Warm Regards,

Jacqueline Bishop

US Project Coordinator/ Overall Coordinator

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