The Faces of Nonsuch Primary School

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Our project kick started in Nonsuch, Portland with our first workshop facilitated by the African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica/ Jamaica Memory Bank. The students at the Nonsuch Primary school were taught about research and data collection, as well as the proper use of the relevant digital, audio and photographic devices.

Students, staff, parents and community members were at the inaugural event and everyone was both anxious and excited, as this is the first time anything of this caliber has ever happened in our community especially at this beloved little school. Everyone had a blast during the sessions!

As your social media coordinator it will be my great joy to introduce to you, through a series of posts, all the participants in the project, starting, of course with the students participating in this fantastic project!

The children of Nonsuch Primary school are full of life and promise, and are eager to understand the world around them and make their mark on this world. In this post meet Lawesley Grant and Sashell Carby.


Nonsuch student  2a

Name: Lawesley Walsh
Grade: 2
Lawesley is excited about learning and going to school. His favorite game to play is skipping with his friends and his favorite thing about his community is the playing field at the Community Centre in Cambridge.

Nonsuch student  2

Name: Sashell Carby
Grade: 5
Sashell loves to read. ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’ is her favorite book of all time. Sashell loves that her community has big tall trees. She especially loves the mango trees and her favorite mango is the long mango.
Please keep tuning in to meet more and more of the students!

Chante Simpson,
Social Media Coordinator



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