More introductions!

Hello Everyone! Whaa Gwaan !?

As promised, we met up with a few more of the students from the Nonsuch Primary School found in the hills of Portland, Jamaica.

Meet Daynia Dean

Nonsuch student

Daynia is currently in Grade 5 and she is gifted musically and can play the key board. When asked what she liked about her community the most, she replied with the widest smile possible, saying, “ My community is simply beautiful. I enjoy the trees and the flowers!”

Meet Giselle and Gisanne Burke the twins of Nonsuch Primary


They are both in Grade in two.

One Special thing about Giselle is that that she loves to play. Gisanne on the other hand believes that the most special thing about her is that she is beautiful. When asked what they liked about their community the most, they both agreed that the playing field was the most enjoyable thing. Gisanne added that she also enjoyed the many shops in the community.


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