How did Nonsuch get its Name?

Jacqueline Bishop_Maps_2009_11x14_digital photomontageStory time: For some time now we have been collecting oral histories from elders in the community of Nonsuch trying to locate, among other things, how come the district has such a curious name, “Nonsuch.” Some of the elders in the district told the story of a white man passing through and saying that there was “none such place like this.” Meanwhile a trained historian from the University of the West Indies hired by the project found out that there was a slave master and slaves attached to the name Nonsuch. On the surface of it these two seemed like competing stories but in fact are most likely one story scrambled over the years. We are finding out so many interesting things! Stones from a great house in the district were used, believe it or not, to build the famous French Man’s Cove hotel. And on and on.


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