The Capstone Event in Jamaica

The capstone event was held in Nonsuch and open to the public. This capstone event consisted of the opening of the exhibition featuring the work produced by all the students: a 10 minute film on San Juan Hill, made by the Kipp:Starr students and snippets of the interviews conducted by the Nonsuch students. As well there were banners made by the National Museum Jamaica, and craft items on showcase made by community members. Articles that have been recovered on the various heritage sites were also on display.



Of special significance were several members of the community who were interviewed by the Nonsuch students, who were asked to stand and be recognized. There were several speakers at the Capstone event including the mayor of Port Antonio, who thanked the Department of State for this opportunity; and, as well, a representative from the United States Embassy in Kingston.


There were also several talks by key participants in the project, dance and singing performances by students and several community members, and Jacqueline Bishop, the US coordinator of the project received a special award from the Nonsuch Primary School. In a joint show of support the Jamaican and American students dressed in black, green and gold, the national colours of Jamaica for the day, with the Americans insisting that the Jamaicans dress in red, white and blue when they travel to New York. Several of the mothers who have children in attendance at the Nonsuch School made traditional Jamaican sweets for the program and following the talks there was much eating, drinking and playing by the students. All in all it was a highly successful Capstone event with active community participation.























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