Capstone Event in New York



The Capstone event was held at the Dwyer Center in Brooklyn and featured several events. The event was moderated by the coordinators of the project: Jacqueline Bishop (USA) and Venice Chin-See Parchment (Jamaica). Speakers included Alexandra Roe from AAM. Melody Capote and Kadrena Cunningham detailed the planning and organization by CCCADI of the project in general, while Kesia Weise of ACIJ detailed the planning and overview of Jamaican portion of the project. The principal of the Nonsuch Primary School brought greetings from the Nonsuch Primary School and specially acknowledged the Nonsuch contingent and student travelers. The principal of the Kipp:Starr Charter School brought greetings from the school and acknowledged the Kipp:Starr contingent and student travelers after which she introduced the Kipp:Starr dancers who performed for the group. A former Nonsuch community member now a United States citizen resident in the United States for decades then talked about the importance of the project to the rural community of Nonsuch.  This speech was followed by Kipp:Starr students and the after-school coordinator of the project Mrs. Bernadette Baptise-Hagemann talking about the experience of working on the project.




There was a presentation of plaques to several participants in the project, including to the community member, Mrs. Maureen Jones-Wilson, who travelled with the project and brought greetings from the Nonsuch community at large; and Mrs. Morgan, a teacher at the school who also travelled with the Jamaican cohorts. Kipp:Starr students screened their Film, “I Remember San Juan Hill” while the Nonsuch students displayed the banners of the work they did. Then everyone had a meal of rice and meat and salad.


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