Jamaicans come to New York!

Nonsuch 5

The Jamaican cohort group arrived in New York on Wednesday June 1 in the evening. They met with the American cohort group in the morning on Thursday, June 2nd. The students were delighted to meet up with each other again and the hugged each other and it was touching how happy the students were to see each other again. Museum staff from CCCADI and ACIJ also greeted each other as did the teachers from Kipp:Starr and Nonsuch.

Nonsuch 4

Three events were planned for the day: Firstly, the Americans and Jamaicans would travel to Lincoln Center, formerly San Juan Hills, were they were given a guided tour of the site by the students of Kipp:Starr. This gave the Kipp:Starr students a chance to demonstrate all that they had learnt while working on the project and they gave an excellent presentation. Secondly, the group then went to Central Park for a picnic hosted by the Kipp:Starr cohort group. Following a delicious meal, the students, in keeping with the theme of the project were given a brief lecture on the African village, Seneca Village, that was located in what is today Central Park. The students then played games together and visited various locations in the park.

Nonsuch 1

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