Friends of Nonsuch

Friends of NonsuchAt what was supposed to be the conclusion of the Dialogues in the African Diaspora Project so many of us who worked on this project found it too hard to walk away. We found ourselves wondering in particular about the children who participated in the project, and time and time again we came back to the small district of Nonsuch, hidden in the folds of the blue Portland mountain. Some of the children who participated in our project and travelled to New York, found out, following the conclusion of the project that they had passed their examinations for high schools outside of their community. How would those children meet the enormous challenges, financial and otherwise, of attending these schools? What help, if any, could we together muster to offer these children?

And that river that runs through the district, could it be cleaned and returned to the splendor it once had?

And what about the students having a lovely playing field of their own?

On and on the questions went.

It was because of these many question, our unwillingness to let go, that our small organization, Friends of Nonsuch, was formed.

This is but the beginning, a sapling of an idea, that we hope will grow into a gigantic Nonsuch tree.

We hope you will join us as we journey.

More soon.


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